Messeplatz, Basel


RESOR N.V. is a law firm, consisting of more than twenty lawyers and various support staff, specialized in corporate restructuring, insolvency and corporate litigation. Our focus is on companies in financial difficulties and we also take appointments as bankruptcy trustees. In addition to assisting clients, RESOR considers additional activities in the context of knowledge development and sharing to be important. The atmosphere within the office is informal, ambitious and non-hierarchical. The team can be described as close and involved with each other. The monumental office villa is located at the Museumplein in the center of Amsterdam.

RESOR is constantly looking for people with the talent, motivation and commitment to reach the top in what we do. Below you can read more about the current and ongoing vacancies.

Ongoing vacancies

For the positions of “advocaat-stagiaire”, “advocaat-medewerker” and “student-stagiaire” we refer to the Dutch “Werken bij” information on our website since fluent Dutch language skills are mandatory.

Informal introduction
An informal introduction to someone of the same level of experience is also possible. This applies to all candidates with fluent Dutch language skills and for the legal positions “civiel effect” is required.
You can contact Human Resources/Maaike Folkers (020-211 1081) or send an email.

Contact details
If you are interested or would like to know more about the possibilities at RESOR, call (020-211 1081) or send an email to Human Resources to the attention of Maaike Folkers.